What I’m most excited about at E3 2017: Xbox Conference

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a massive fan of Xbox, and their presentation at E3 did nothing to change that, even with their announcement of their new Xbox One X console which they dub “the most powerful console in the world”. Whilst I admire (and snark on) their enthusiasm and release of a diverse array of Xbox “exclusives” which suit a wide range of audiences, there is nothing in there makes me gasp and go “I must immediately sell everything I own to get me the new Xbox One X console”. So, whilst I have provided a list below of the games that excited me most at the Xbox One X conference, it’s good to bear in mind that these are ‘Launch “exclusives”‘ aka we just got to announce the game, or ‘Timed exclusives’ meaning that they will be quickly available on other consoles, if they not immediately.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

From the moment I saw the figure of a young girl smoking a cigarette and the photographs on the wall, I knew immediately that it is was something to do with Life is Strange and let out an excited scream. Having finished playing LIS only a few months ago and now owning my own ‘Arcadia Bay’ t-shirt, I am still riding the LIS high and was sooo excited to see Xbox drop this trailer for Before the Storm. Debuting this summer, Before the Storm will be a 3 episode prequel to LIS which follows a younger Chloe and her best friend Rachel Amber, allowing fans to return to Arcadia Bay but this time see it through the eyes of young Chloe. Having been wondering how on earth LIS will continue on given the decision to allow players to choose between entirely different endings, Before the Storm provides a great opportunity to jump back into the game without forcing players down one consequence track. Given that this game focuses on a younger Chloe, there will of course be differences to the game. First and foremost, given that Max does not exist in Before the Storm there will be no re-wind powers meaning that you will have to live with the decisions you make. And secondly, Ashley Birch will not be reprising her role as Chloe, given her younger age, but instead will be joining the writing team and will be replaced by actress Rhianna DeVries.

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