Walking for Wellbeing Launch Event

Today I attended the launch event of Walking for Wellbeing at Goldsmiths and am super excited about joining in the workshops and walks over the next few weeks. Walking For Wellbeing was set up by my amazing friend and Department Student Co-ordinator buddy Helena, and supported by our History lecturer John Price and the Goldsmiths Annual Fund. The project aims to help Goldsmiths students improve their wellbeing whilst also 433328fd4d3d7037551c3f5bdbac21c4learning about London and it’s History through a series of workshops and walks planned by the students involved.

Walking for Wellbeing was a fantastic idea developed by Helena during our History module Walking Through London’s History, taught John, which taught students about how walking can be used as a research method for History and allowed us to engage in some historical walks. Part of our assessment criteria for the module was to produce a 1500 word blog post on the topic of… well… walking through London’s history. For my own blog post, the Walking (and the) Dead, I chose to combine my love of walking in my local cemetery with historical inquiry into London’s history. I absolutely loved the opportunity to engage in such an innovative module and write about something I was really genuinely interested in, in a medium which I found more accessible than essays. However, one thing that I did find frustrating was that as it was part of an assessment which had very specific criteria, we had to stick within the confines of word limits and module objectives. All very boring bureaucratic processes that restricted us from really being able to sink our teeth into the subject properly. I had so many ideas of things I wanted to talk about and no space to do so! Helena’s solution to this was to start up her own side blog, about her particular passion; walking, history and mental health. From there, she took her idea to John who encouraged Helena to apply for the GS’s Annual Fund to set up a walking project over the summer term and here we find ourselves today!

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