Please excuse the mess! This blog is currently in the process of being set up.

My name is Avery. I am a 25 year old trans masc/genderqueer/gender something person 🙂 I’ve been blogging on a variety of academic topics on a side blog as part of my last year at uni, and wanted my very own personal blog for the daunting time of graduate life. I will be posting a number of articles, thoughts and reviews about a wide range of things from academic and fictional books, the representation of marginalised identities in fictional works, observations on current affairs, human-animal relations, bullet journalling, my bumpy road into vegetarianism, and mine & my partners tumultuous journey rehabilitating our rescue dog Achilles.

I am also part of the soon to be launched Happy Homo Book Club here on wordpress, which is basically a small bunch of queers posting ranty, excited, and chaotic reviews of books.