Juliet Takes a Breath Review

Please check out my first book review on our Happy Homo Book Club wordpress 🙂 I’d really appreciate any feedback, comments, discussion, etc from the book reviewer community.

Happy Homo Book Club

This book was received through netgalley

Juliet Takes a Breath is like a love letter to your (younger) queer self. Written by “round, brown loverboi”Gabby Rivera, JTAB is the coming of age story of young Puerto Rican Juliet Palante who leaves the Bronx to start an internship with infamous feminist writer Harlowe Brisbane in an effort to discover her Queer, Feminist, Puerto Rican self.

“Feminism. I’m new to it. The word still sounds weird and wrong. Too white, too structured, too foreign: something I can’t claim… Can a badass white lady like you make room for me? Should I stand next to you and take that space? Or do I need to just push you out of the way? Claim it myself now so that one day we’ll be able to share this earth, this block, these deep breaths?”

As Juliet learns, loves, and grows throughout her time in the Bronx, Portland and Miami, so…

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