T5W: Favourite LGBTQ+ Reads


What better way to kick start the life of the Happy Homo Book Club than with this week’s Top 5 Wednesday on LGBTQ+ books? We have not yet posted anything due to being fussy perfectionists who dislike the idea of posting on a not yet ready blog but we simply couldn’t pass up this opportunity, […]

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We’ve finally gotten round to posting our first ever post on the Happy Homo Book Club which I am part of with my partner and my best friends. So if you fancy checking out all of our book related reviews, recc’s and rants then follow our book club blog!

All The Things You Don’t Know About Me

I know that I have been sadly slow with producing any book related content or articles for this blog. I have been busy being a grumpy burrito in my new slanket, chipping away at the mountain of third year deadlines coming up next week and last weekend was my 25th birthday! But whilst I don’t have time for any proper content at the moment, I wanted to post something. So here’s a cheeky little introduction filler post, which I’ve nicked off my friend Kaiden over at the Habitual Blogger to tide you over until I emerge exhausted but victorious on the other side of deadlines.Read More »

Reclaiming a Genderqueer identity?

For the past month or so, I’ve been debating a lot as to what I envisaged my first post being on this new blog. I imagined it being a lot of different things. A cop out ‘about me’. An in-depth look at my recent conversion to vegetarianism, situated within the wider context of the mass meat industry. The lamentations of a third year undergraduate on the cusp of graduating who has many mixed feelings about the ‘university experience’. I pictured it being all of these things over and over again but none of them ever felt quite right. I knew I wanted it to be something about me but couldn’t think what. But finally, at 2.30am on a Sunday night it has come to me. What could be more personal and more intrinsic to myself than my gender identity?

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